Dental Sedation

Who Should Consider Sedation Dentistry?


Whether it was through a friend, billboard, or TV commercial, you may have heard of sedation dentistry. It is a part of the dental industry that has been growing in popularity for a quite some time, and especially in the last few years. One thing you may have wondered, especially if you have no issues going to the dentist, is what it’s purpose is. Below, we explain which types of people should give sedation dentistry a try.

Dental Anxiety

This is the most famous and common reason why people choose sedation. People may experience dental anxiety for a variety of reasons. A patient might be afraid of needles, hate the classic dental noises, have had a bad experience in their youth, or any number of other factors. For these patients, they can get the dental care they need without feeling anxiety due to sedation.

Low Pain Tolerance

Some people have a very low pain tolerance. This means that while the pains of going to the dentist are manageable for most, sufferers of low pain tolerance will feel those pains to the point of being unmanageable. Sedation can help these patients tremendously by raising their pain tolerance.

Sensitive Teeth & Gums

When someone has low pain tolerance, their mouth is the same as everyone else, but the way they feel pain is heightened. Sometimes, a person will have an average pain tolerance but will have especially sensitive teeth and gums. The result of this situation is the same as low pain tolerance: Excessive discomfort. For these types of people, sedation can lower the pain they feel significantly.

Overactive Gag Reflex

This is one of the more frustrating conditions to have at a dental office. You aren’t afraid or in pain, but you cannot stop gagging when the dental team works on you. Luckily, sedation can reduce this effect. Patients often find that sedatives relax their gag reflex and allow them to get the work they need.

Complex Treatment

For certain types of complicated treatment, sedation can be used. This is the case for patients that have no trouble in regular dental appointments but need very long and complex treatment. The sedation will do two things. First, the procedure will go by much faster for a sedated patient. The second is that the dentist will have more freedom to work quickly and efficiently.

Conditions That Cause Uncontrollable Movement

Some conditions, such as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, or Tourettes, make people lose control of their movements. As you might imagine, this is not safe at the dentist. Not only will it delay the appointment, but it could mean injury for both the patient and the dentist. Those who suffer from these conditions have tremendous success with sedation dentistry.

As you can see, sedation dentistry is not a practice that is solely meant for a small percentage of the population. It also is not only for sufferers of dental anxiety, given that it helps a variety of other people. If you think you fit into one of these groups or are curious about this type of dentistry, give The Dental Anesthesia Center a call at (314) 862-7844.

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