Pediatric Dentistry

Is It Safe for Children to Use Whitening Products on Their Teeth?


As a parent, you do your best to ensure your child is healthy and happy. One of the most important hygiene lessons you must teach them is how to correctly brush their teeth,  how important oral hygiene is, and you must go to the dentist regularly. But, as you may know, even if your child does brush and floss regularly, they might have some tooth problems that are associated with demineralization (which may be genetically determined,) or a problem with their diet.

When the adult teeth come out, you may notice that they look slightly different in color than those baby pearly whites. The enamel layer on adult teeth is thicker than on baby teeth, which makes them less translucent and a bit more ivory in color. That’s why they seem to be yellow and unhealthy. Speak with your St. Louis pediatric dentist to establish if it is indeed an issue you should solve or if it’s just how their adult teeth look like.

Common Reasons for Yellow Teeth in Kids

Some of the most common causes for yellow teeth in children are the consumption of cola drinks, tea, cocoa, coffee or other staining foods and drinks. First of all, insist that your child brushes their teeth after every meal and try to remove staining foods from their diet. If the color of the teeth remains the same, you might consider bleaching products, but only as shown below.

If you notice that just one single tooth is darker in color than the others, it’s likely a sign of injury, cavity or tooth decay, and you should get your child to his St. Louis pediatric dentist for treatment.

Back to Tooth Whitening Products: Are They Safe for Children?

Tooth whitening is a successful industry. There are lots of different products to use at home for making your teeth brighter and whiter, such as strips, tooth paste, and gels. However, there are cautions to be taken, especially when it comes to children’s teeth.

Pediatric dentists recommend that teeth whitening should be postponed at least until all the baby teeth are gone and the adult teeth erupted, which is at about 14 years old. Going to regular check-ups will give your child’s dentist an idea about how strong their teeth are and the general problems are they may be facing.

If your child is old enough and you have approval to use at-home whitening products, choose a mild one with a low dose of bleach, and carefully start to whiten the teeth while keeping an eye on possible side effects. If your child’s gums become irritated or if they complain about tooth sensitivity, stop the treatment right away. Also, be sure to read the instructions carefully and to check the appropriate age for usage on the product you choose.


Children’s teeth are usually naturally white, and if you are concerned about their color, you should ask your St. Louis pediatric dentist about it. The most important thing is that your child’s teeth are healthy. If they don’t have any dental problems, cavities or tartar, and there is no obvious coloration form their diet, then you should embrace their natural beauty.

Keep in mind: oral health is very important for our overall health. If tooth whitening products are safe and don’t compromise it, use them in moderation.

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